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Deck Machinery

Mooring Winch

Mooring Winch

This course will enhance the knowledge base for deck officers, as well as marine engineers for the operation and maintenance of Mooring winches, used onboard the ship’s deck.

Anchor Windlass

Anchor Windlass

This course will cover the fundamental principles and operation of an anchor windlass on a ship. An essential piece of equipment that allows a vessel to anchor securely in various locations and conditions. In this course, we will delve into the design of anchor windlasses, their components, and how they work.  

Steering Gear on ship

Steering Gear System

Welcome to the course on steering gear systems on ships, where you will learn about the various types of steering gear systems used on ships and their functioning. You will also learn about the components of a steering gear system and how it is maintained onboard the ship. This course also covers the regulatory requirement …

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Ship Crane

Ship Crane

Welcome to the Ship Crane online course where you will learn the types of ship cranes and their functions, operating procedures and techniques for loading and unloading cargo & Maintenance and troubleshooting of ship cranes. This course is suitable for individuals looking to enter the maritime industry or those looking to expand their knowledge and …

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Ship Stabiliser System

Ship Stabilizer System

A ship stabilizer system is a device or group of devices that are used to reduce the amount of rolling and pitching motion that a vessel experiences, which can make it more comfortable and safer for passengers and crew. This course explains the types of stabilizing systems used onboard commercial ships and how they are …

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Accommodation Ladder & Winch

Accommodation Ladder & Winch

This online course is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the accommodation ladder and winch on a cargo ship. You will learn about the various components of the accommodation ladder and winch, their functions, and their importance in ensuring safe and efficient cargo operations.  

Side pr bow thrusters

Side Thrusters

The majority of the cargo and cruise ships are now fitted with side thrusters and it is the job of the ship’s crew to efficiently operate and maintain them. This course helps you in knowing what goes behind the thruster’s operation, what maintenance is needed and other best practices for efficient ship operation.  

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