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Electronic Aids To Navigation


GPS – Global Positioning System

In this course, you will learn about GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation on ships. The course will cover various aspects of GPS, including the history of GPS, its principles, and the basic concepts of satellite navigation. You will also learn about the different types of GPS equipment and their functions, And the different segments of …

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In this course you will learn about the basic principles of a ship echosounder, including how it works and its importance in safe navigation. You will gain knowledge on how to interpret echosounder data to determine water depth and seabed characteristics, and how to use this information to navigate in shallow waters. You will also …

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Doppler Log

A Doppler Log is a device used on ships to measure the speed and direction of water currents relative to the ship’s motion. It works by transmitting an ultrasonic signal from the ship’s hull into the water, and measuring the frequency shift of the signal as it bounces off particles in the water. This frequency …

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Marine RADAR

This course on RADAR provides an introduction to the principles and practical use of marine radar . The course covers topics such as radar theory and operation, radar equipment and components, radar plotting techniques, collision avoidance. You will learn how to operate and interpret radar displays, identify and track targets. The course is designed for …

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