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Emergency Machinery

Lifeboat engine

Lifeboat Engine

Welcome to our online course on the Lifeboat engine of cargo ships. In this course, we will be exploring the important role that lifeboat engines play in ensuring the safety and well-being of crew and passengers on cargo ships. We will then delve into the maintenance and repair of lifeboat engines, including the importance of …

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emergency power supply on ship

Emergency Generator

This online course is designed for marine engineers, deck officers, and crew members who operate and maintain emergency generators on ships. The course provides comprehensive knowledge about the emergency generator system and its operation in case of power failure on board.      

Emergency Fire Pump on ship

Emergency Fire Pump

Fire safety is of utmost importance on board ships, and having a reliable emergency fire pump system is critical to ensuring the safety of crew and vessels. This course will provide you with a comprehensive understanding of emergency fire pump systems on ships, including their components, and operation.   You will also learn about the …

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