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Ship Maneuvering


Ship Interaction

In this course you will learn about the interaction effects between ships. You will also learn about the hydrodynamic effect it has on ships and it’s impact on maneuvering.  A step by step procedure will be explained on the different stages of interaction and what actions the OOW can take in this situation.

transverse thrust

Transverse Thrust

In this course, you will learn about transverse thrust on ships and its effects on ship handling.  This will provide practical guidance on how to handle a ship in conditions where transverse thrust is present, such as when maneuvering in narrow channels, docking, or navigating in strong currents. By the end of this course, you …

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Ship Squat- Shallow water effect

In this course, you will learn about ship squat, which is the reduction in under keel clearance experienced by a vessel when it moves in shallow water. This phenomenon is a result of the hydrodynamic interaction between the ship’s hull and the water, and it can have significant implications for ship navigation and safety. Throughout …

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Pivot Point on Ships

In this course, you will learn about the concept of pivot point and its importance in ship maneuvering. You will understand how the position of the pivot point is affected by the shape and size of the vessel, as well as the effects of external factors such as wind and current. By the end of …

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