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Ship Safety

Abandon ship

Survival at Sea After Abandon Ship

This online course is designed for seafarers and maritime professionals who may find themselves in a situation where they need to abandon a ship and survive at sea. In this course, you will learn essential survival skills and techniques that will help you survive in a lifeboat or a similar floating device until rescue arrives. …

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Battery room safety on ship

Battery Room Safety

This course is designed to provide essential knowledge and skills to individuals who are involved in battery room operations and maintenance on ships. The course aims to educate participants on the proper handling, storage, and maintenance of batteries, as well as the identification and management of potential hazards associated with battery rooms.   The course …

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Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety on Ships

In this course, you will learn about various electrical safety measures and safety equipment used on ships and how the electrical equipment is protected using them. You will learn the essential components of Safe Electrical Equipment and how they work.  

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