Automatic Identification System (AIS)

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AIS, or Automatic Identification System, is a system used in the maritime industry to track and identify vessels in real-time. This course aims to teach you all about AIS, including its operation, significance, and the different data it provides. During the course, you will learn about the evolution of AIS, the different types of AIS equipment, and the legal and regulatory requirements related to AIS. You will also learn about the different data provided by AIS, including vessel identity, position, speed, course, and other relevant information. In addition to the technical aspects of AIS, the course will also cover the practical applications of AIS in the maritime industry, such as vessel traffic management, collision avoidance, search and rescue operations, and environmental monitoring, By the end of the course, you will have a thorough understanding of AIS and its applications, and will be able to apply this knowledge in your professional work in the maritime industry.

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