Marine Separator

Fuel Purifier and Clarifier Basics (Centrifugal Separators)

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This course focuses on marine fuel oil purifiers, but the knowledge gained can be transferred to many engineering industries.

This course is taught by an ex-marine engineer with 20 years of experience…you’re in good hands!

– An animated interactive 3D model shows you a purifier in detail and how it works.

– High-quality 2D images highlight areas of interest.

– Enjoy crisp, clean audio throughout the course.

– Relax. We have taught over 50,000 online students, we know what we are doing!

– Quiz provided.

– Certificate provided. Hope to see you on the course!

Learning Outcomes

– What are centrifugal separators?

– The meaning of the words ‘centrifuge’, ‘purifier’, and ‘clarifier’.

– All the names of a separator’s internal and external parts.

– How centrifugal separators work.

– What a typical ship fuel system looks like.

– The differences between a purifier and a clarifier.

– How to maintain a centrifugal separator.

And much more!