Ship Cargo Crane Parts


A deck cargo crane mainly comprises these parts and equipment:

Base Structure of the crane: The base structure of the crane is an extra strengthened structure, on which, the pedestal of the crane is mounted.

Fixed Pedestal: This structure equally distributes the stresses to the base structure and also incorporates the moving turrets via a slew ring connection to enable the rotational movement of the crane

Moving Turret: Moving turret is where the operator’s cabin is situated, and the crane Jib is connected to it. As per the make and design, the turret can move 360 degrees to its center of rotation.

Jib Arm: The Jib arm is what carries the load. The arm can be hydraulically moved in four directions- Up, down, back, and forward. The moving turret performs the rotational movement of the crane to transfer the load.

Hoist with wire: The hoist is hanged at the end of the Job arm with the use of steel wire ropes, which are connected to the winch drum for lifting or lowering weight for transfer.

Hydraulic and electric equipment: Hydraulics and electrical machinery are an integral part of crane operation. Hydraulic oil pressure results in the movement of jib and turret, and winches do the lifting of the load using hoist and wire. A small leak in the hydraulic line or a problem in the winch motor may stall the complete loading/unloading operation.

Safety Devices: One cannot say machinery is complete without any safety devices installed on it. The deck cargo crane is provided with an emergency stop, overload protection, hydraulic oil filter, and level alarms, brakes, etc. as safety devices.


The inspection and maintenance of the crane (including the base structure) are performed as per the maker’s instruction and also included in the Planned Maintenance System (PMS) of the ship.

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