Components of Compressed air system

Some of the important components of air compressors which are common to all the available types of compressors are briefed as under:

  • Electricity or power source: This is the key component of any type of compressor and is essential for running the compressor. A power source or electric motor is used to run the compressor efficiently and at a constant speed without fluctuations.
  • Cooling Water: Cooling water is used to cool the compressor in between different stages.
  • Lubricating Oil: Lubricating oil is necessary to keep all mobile parts of the compressor lubricated. This lubrication reduces the friction in parts of the compressor and thus imparts more life to the compressor by reducing the wear-tear of components of the compressor.
  • Air: This is the component without which an air compressor can’t be even imagined. The air around us is in low pressure and served as an input to the compressor.
  • Suction Valve: Suction valve is provided with a suction filter it inputs the air, which is to be compressed into the main compartment of the compressor.
  • Discharge Valve: This valve takes the output air to discharge at a requisite location or to the storage tank or storage air bottle.

Air compressor Valve


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