IMO requirements of Doppler Log

As per SOLAS Chapter V, Regulation, All ships of 300 GRT and upwards and all passenger ships irrespective of size shall be fitted with a speed and distance measuring device, or other means, to indicate speed and distance through water.  A few of the main requirements per this are

  • The device measuring speed and distance through the water should meet the performance standard in the water of depth greater than 3 m beneath the keel
  • Error in the measured and indicated speed for a digital display should not exceed 2% of the speed of the ship, or 0.2 knots, which is greater. For analog display, the error should not exceed 2.5% of the speed of the ship or 0.25 knots whichever is greater.
  • The performance of the equipment should be such that it will meet the requirements of performance standards when the ship is rolling up to 10 degrees and pitching up to 5 degrees.

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