A mooring winch is a mechanical equipment used on board ships for hauling in or letting out the wires or ropes to secure the ship to the shore. Mooring winches assembly comes in various arrangements with different numbers of barrels, depending on the requirement of the ship.


The barrel is connected to the warp end of the winch where the rope or wire is wrapped and is used for pulling the ship using ropes or wires fastened to bollards ashore.


Modern mooring winches comprise elaborate designs with various gear assemblies, which can be electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic-driven.


Mooring Winch


Many cargo ships are nowadays using automatic mooring winch which is electric and hydraulic driven. When there is a change of draft due to tides, wind effects, etc. it leads to a variation in mooring rope tension from the prescribed value.


The automatic winch can accordingly automatically retractable cable to stabilize the tension to the specified value and prevent the cable break. When the cable relaxation and tension decreases, it can automatically control pressure regulating valve action pressure valve closure, high-pressure oil pump discharge high-pressure oil into the hydraulic motor, driveshaft, and drum along with the clockwise rotation, the relaxation cable wrung.

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