Parts of air compressor

8 ) Oil pump: A lubricating oil pump is fitted to supply lube oil to all the bearings, which can be chain or gear driven, through a crankshaft. The pressure of oil can be regulated by means of regulating screw provided in the pump. A filter in the inlet of the pump is also attached to supply clean and particle-free oil to the bearings.
9) Water pump: Some compressors may have attached a water cooling pump driven by the crankshaft through a chain or gear. Some system does not use the attached pump as they use water supply from the main or auxiliary system for cooling.
10) Suction and Discharge valve: These are multi-plate valves made up of stainless steel and are used to suck and discharge air from one stage to another and to the air bottle. Proper assembling of valves is very important for the efficient operation of the compressor.
11) Suction Filter: It is an air filter made up of copper or soft steel with a paper material to absorb oil and wire mesh to avoid any metal or dust particles to go inside the compression chamber.
12) Inter-coolers: Inter-coolers are normally fitted in between two stages to cool down the air temperature and increase the volumetric efficiency of the compressor. Some compressors have inbuilt attached copper tubes for cooling and some have an outside assembly of copper tube inter-coolers.
13) Driving Motor: An Electrical motor is attached to the compressor for making it operational and is connected to the compressor through the flywheel.
Marine air compressor parts


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