The efficiency of the performance of the steering gear depends on some main aspects. These basic requirements to be invariably met by all steering gears are guided by rules set by classification societies. They can be briefly outlined as:

  • As per standard requirements, the steering gear should be capable of steering the ship from 35 degrees port to 35 degrees starboard and vice-versa with the vessel plying forwards at a steady head-on speed for maximum continuous rated shaft rpm. and summer load waterline within a time frame of a maximum of 28 seconds
  • With one of the power units inoperative, the rudder shall be capable of turning 15 degrees port to 15 degrees starboard (and vice-versa) within a time frame of 1 minute with the vessel moving at half its rated maximum speed of 7 knots (whichever is greater) at summer¬†load line
  • The major power units and the control systems are to be duplicated so that if one of them fails, the other can easily substitute for them as a standby
  • Emergency Power Supply: The steering gear system is to be provided with an additional power unit (hydraulic pump etc.) connected to the emergency power supply from the Emergency Generator, which shall be capable of turning the rudder from 15 degrees from one side to another side within 60 seconds with the vessel moving at a maximum service speed or 7 knots, whichever is greater


steering-gear-system on ship


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