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  • emergency power supply on ship

    Emergency Power Supply


    In this course, we will cover everything you need to know about emergency power supply on ships. You will learn the essential components of an emergency power supply system, how it works, regulations, requirements and the importance of regular maintenance.   By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of emergency…



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    This course typically covers the use and operation of these two types of distress beacons EPIRB and SART. Participants will learn about the different types of EPIRBs and SARTs available, how they work, and when to use them in an emergency situation. The course may also cover proper installation and maintenance of the devices, as…

  • exhaust gas Scrubber on ship

    Exhaust Gas Scrubber


    In this course, you will learn about the importance of exhaust gas scrubbers and how they work to reduce harmful emissions from ships. You will also learn about the different types of exhaust gas scrubbers available, their advantages, and how to maintain and operate them effectively. By the end of this course, you will have…

  • Fresh Water Generator


    This online course on Fresh Water Generator – Operation and Maintenance is designed for marine engineers and ship operators who are responsible for the operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of freshwater generators onboard. The course provides in-depth knowledge about the components, working principles, and operation of freshwater generators used on ships, as well as the maintenance…

  • Sale! Marine Separator - Purifier and Clarifier

    Fuel Purifier and Clarifier Basics


    Learn about ship’s fuel purifier and clarifier basics! 

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    Fundamentals of Logistics


    Welcome to our comprehensive course on the Fundamentals of Logistics, where we delve into the core principles of logistics and efficient supply chain management. In this course, you’ll explore essential topics across 4 key chapters, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the dynamic world of logistics. Why Choose Our Fundamentals of…

  • GPS


    In this course, you will learn about GPS (Global Positioning System) navigation on ships. The course will cover various aspects of GPS, including the history of GPS, its principles, and the basic concepts of satellite navigation. You will also learn about the different types of GPS equipment and their functions, And the different segments of…

  • Heat Exchanger on Ships

    Heat Exchanger on Ships


    This course on heat exchangers on ships covers the fundamental principles and practical applications of these devices in the marine industry. The course also covers topics such as the types and classifications of heat exchangers, their design and construction, and their operation and maintenance.   You are already navigating through this course and have begun…

  • Hull air lubrication

    Hull Air Lubrication


    Welcome to the “Hull Air Lubrication Fundamentals” course! This comprehensive course will take you on a journey through the intriguing world of hull air lubrication, a cutting-edge technology revolutionizing the maritime industry. The course is structured into four chapters, each designed to provide you with a deep understanding of this innovative system. Whether you’re a…



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  • Intrinsically safe

    Intrinsically Safe Electrical Equipment


    In this course, you will learn about the Hazardous area on tanker ships and how the equipment in those areas is protected using IS equipment. You will learn the essential components of Intrinsically Safe Electrical Equipment, how it works, and its regulations. You are already navigating through this course and have begun your journey to…

  • Sale! Heat Exchanger Savree

    Introduction to Heat Exchangers


    In this course, you will learn about the shell and tube, and plate type heat exchanger. You will learn about the design, components and categorisations of each common type of heat exchanger. You will also learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each heat exchanger. By the end of the course, you will be able…

  • Lifeboat engine

    Lifeboat Engine


    Welcome to our online course on the Lifeboat engine of cargo ships. In this course, we will be exploring the important role that lifeboat engines play in ensuring the safety and well-being of crew and passengers on cargo ships. We will then delve into the maintenance and repair of lifeboat engines, including the importance of…

  • Sale! LNG Fuel Bunkering

    LNG Fuel Bunkering Operation


    This course has been designed to provide you with the necessary knowledge and skills to safely and efficiently handle LNG bunkering procedures. You will learn about the importance of following standard procedures, and the necessary precautions that must be taken to prevent accidents and injuries.

  • Man Overboard Procedures


    In this course, you will learn about the various procedures and techniques that are implemented on ships for dealing with man overboard situations. You will also learn about the different types of alarms and signals used for man overboard situations, as well as the responsibilities and duties of crew members during a search and rescue…