Automatic Start & Stop

Automatic Start & Stop

Emergency Generator Panel

  1. For an automatic start, we know that there is a breaker that connects Emergency Switch Board (ESB) and Main Switch Board (MSB); and there is also an interlock provided due to which the emergency generator and Main power of the ship cannot be supplied together.
  2. Therefore, we simulate by opening the breaker from the tie line, which can be done from the MSB or the ESB panel.
  3. After opening the breaker, the emergency generator starts automatically with the help of batteries and will supply essential power to machinery and pumps connected to ESB.
  4. For stopping the generator, the breaker is closed again and due to the interlock, the generator becomes offloaded
  5. Now again put the switch to manual mode to stop the generator.
  6. Press stop and the generator will stop.

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