Battery Start & Stop

The testing of the ship’s emergency generator is done every week (as part of weekly checks) by running it unloaded to check if it starts on battery mode. The hydraulic start is done every month to ensure that it is working fine.


Also, every month automatic start of the generator is also done to check its automatic operation and to see whether it comes on load.

Battery Start & Stop:

  1. Go to the emergency generator room and find the panel for the emergency generator.
  2. Put the switch on the test mode from automatic mode. The generator will start automatically but will not come on load.
  3. Check the voltage and frequency in the meter.
  4. Keep the generator running for 10-15 min and check the exhaust temp and other parameters.
  5. Check the sump level.
  6. For stopping the generator, put the switch in manual and then stop the generator.

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