Battery start

Procedure for battery starting of lifeboat engine:

  • Check if the propeller and shaft are clear of lashing ropes and any other obstruction
  • Check the cooling water valve position of the lifeboat engine is in the open position when the lifeboat is waterborne.
  • When testing the lifeboat engine on Davit, keep the valve in the testing position and dip the water line into a water-filled container
  • The lifeboat engines are battery-started. On the battery supply to the lifeboat engine starting system and press the start button
  • Make sure the fuel line to the engine is open
  • Usually, two batteries are provided, the first battery takes longer to start but it consumes less power per start. For this method turn the starting switch and wait for the glowing light to disappear before cranking the engine
  • The second battery starts immediately consuming higher power. One can start/ crank the engine immediately before the glowing light turns off.

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