Brake type

They can be differentiated according to the type of brake used onboard the ship.



It is a type of brake that uses a flexible band or strap to apply braking force to a drum or wheel. It consists of two circular steel bands that are connected by an articulated joint pin. One end of the band is anchored to a pivot point on the deck or bed plate, while the other end is connected to a brake control lever.



This type of brake has a disc brake calliper of two halves connected by a spring module. Mechanical screw: A mechanical screw brake is a type of mechanical brake that uses a screw-and-nut mechanism to apply braking force to a rotating shaft or drum. It consists of a brake housing that contains a screw, a nut, and a spring-loaded pressure plate.


Spring applied

This type of brake is electrically released and provides power-off braking. They are sometimes referred to as failsafe brakes since they engage when power is cut.

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