Checks before Starting


An Air compressor consists of an air bottle that can store compressed air at a specified pressure. The compressor compresses air and stores this pressurized air in an air bottle. When this pressurized air is injected into the engine through an air gun or any other equipment, it kicks the propeller and runs the engine.


Checks before Starting the Air Compressor:

The following steps are to be followed before starting an air compressor on a ship.

  1. Check the lube oil in the crankcase sump by means of a dipstick or sight glass.
  2. All the valves of compressor discharge must be in normally open condition.
  3. If any manual valve is present in the un-loader line, it must always be kept open.
  4. All alarms and trips- Lube oil low pressure, water high temperature, overload trip, etc. must be checked for operation.
  5. All valves in the cooling water line must be in the normally open position.
  6. Cocks for all the pressure gauges must be in the open position.
  7. The air intake filter should be clean.
  8. If the compressor has not been started for a long time then it should be turned on manually with a tommy-bar to check for the free movement of its parts.

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