Common Rail Injection System

The common rail system, as the name suggests, is a system that is common for every cylinder or unit of the marine engine. However, in a common rail system, all the cylinders or units are connected to the rail and the fuel pressure is accumulated at the same. The supplied fuel pressure is thus provided through the rail.


A similar type of common rail system is also there for the servo oil system for opening the exhaust valves.


Main Components of Common Rail System

The common rail is employed in the following system: 1) for heated fuel oil at a pressure of 1000 bars. 2) for servo oil for opening and closing of exhaust valves at a pressure of 200 bars. 3) control oil for opening and closing of valve blocks at a pressure of 200 bars. 4) compressed air for starting the main engine.Common Rail Injection ship engine Common Rail Injection RT flex

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