Cylinder cover, Mountings

The cylinder cover seals the upper end of the cylinder space and carries mountings necessary for engine operation. The cylinder cover forms a gas-tight seal and prevents the escape of gases from the combustion space.


It is subjected to gas forces during combustion, thermal stress, pressure fluctuations during the entire cycle, and bending stresses due to the tightening of cylinder cover bolts. The cylinder cover is strong and cooled to withstand the firing pressures and combustion heat. Jacket water circulates in the cylinder jacket and cools the cover.


Cylinder cover mountings


The material chosen for the cylinder head has good tensile strength to withstand high pressures and temperatures. It has good fatigue strength to withstand pressure fluctuations in cylinders.


The cylinder cover is cast with 0.16 % Carbon steel having a UTS – 400 TO 500N/mm2. Cylinder cover houses mountings such as the Safety valve, Fuel valve, Indicator valve, Starting valve, Exhaust valve, etc.

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