Action on Abandon Ship

The “Abandon Ship” command is one which is promulgated on the PA system by the Master, and as opposed to other emergencies, which call for action upon hearing the emergency signal, this is one which is only acted upon after receiving a VERBAL ORDER FROM THE MASTER on the PA system.


Action to be taken by the crew once Abandon ship is announced or sounded:

  • Carry your lifejacket/ immersion suit to the designated muster station
  • Carry any additional items (Blanket/ ration/ water etc.) as stated under the duty in the muster list
  • Avoid taking longer routes and routes going from inside the accommodation to the muster station
  • Wait for the master’s order to abandon the ship


If all other means of saving the vessel and personnel has been exhausted, it is only then that the ship should be abandoned. In that case:

  1. Inform the EOW (Engineer On Watch) by the ship’s telephone that the ship is to be abandoned
  2. Transmit orders ‘Abandon Ship’ on the PA system- as mentioned above, done only by the Master
  3. Send out a distress call (further explained later)
  4. Activate the EPIRB and carry the SART onto the survival crafts
  5. Collect all relevant documents from the bridge (if time permits) – Logs and records which might come in use in accident investigation
  6. The Master can arrange the collection of all the documents of the ship’s crew such as CDCs, Passports, CoCs, STCW certificates etc. This would also entail the Master carrying any cash that remains.

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