Direct Contact Heat Exchanger

In this type of heat exchanger, there is no separating wall inside the unit. Both the mediums are in direct contact with the heat transfer process. 


Direct contact type heat exchangers can be further classified as:

1.      Gas-liquid

2.      Immiscible liquid-liquid

3.      Solid-liquid or solid-gas


Direct contact heat exchanger


These heat exchangers are designed to have the two mediums come into direct contact with each other, allowing for efficient heat transfer without the need for a barrier or intermediate surface.


The construction of direct contact type heat exchangers typically consists of a cylindrical vessel with an internal baffle system, which allows for the mixing of the two fluids. The vessel is typically made of a corrosion-resistant material, such as stainless steel, to withstand the harsh marine environment. 


Direct contact type heat exchangers are highly efficient and can handle large volumes of fluids, making them ideal for use on cargo ships, where high heat transfer rates and large fluid volumes are common.

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