Factors affecting OWS operation

The satisfactory operation of the oily water separator (OWS) is dependent on the knowledge of the following:

  • Design Factors: These include the basic working principle of the OWS and the enhancements made for the marine context.
  • Operational factors: Operational Knowledge and correct operational procedures that are generic and not equipment specific.
  • Bilge management: Efficient Bilge management and knowing what goes into your bilges and how it affects them.
  • Care and Maintenance: The general care and maintenance required to keep the OWS running smoothly.
  • Equipment-Specific Knowledge: There are numerous varieties of OWS in the market and each has its own peculiarities and problems. Knowledge of these will be beneficial.
  • Crew Attitude and Aptitude:  No matter what equipment is fitted on board it needs a correct operation and some training to run it optimally.
  • Good Housekeeping: Last but not least, good housekeeping is essential for a cleaner engine room and to reduce the production of oily water to be treated.

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