Fuel Safety

Marine boilers rely on efficient safety systems for fuel supply:

  1. Low Fuel Oil Pressure Alarm: Two pumps ensure constant fuel supply. Low pressure can lead to burner blowback. The operator must address the cause.

  2. Low/High Fuel Oil Temperature Alarm: Controls fuel viscosity for combustion. The alarm triggers if the temperature is not at the set value. The operator must normalize the temperature before restarting.

  3. Flame Failure Alarm: Photocell detects flame presence. The alarm sounds if the burner stops abruptly or fails to produce flame during start.

  4. Smoke Density Alarm: Monitors post-combustion smoke. The alarm triggers if density exceeds limits, prompting the operator to check combustion.

  5. Force Draught Fan Stop Alarm: Ensures proper air-fuel mixture. The alarm activates if the forced draught fan is not operational, requiring attention for efficient combustion

Fuel side safeties

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