Gyrocompass & Magnetic Compass

A gyrocompass and a magnetic compass are navigation tools used in the maritime industry.


A gyrocompass relies on the Earth’s rotation and maintains a true north reference, providing accurate navigation even in motion. 


The gyrocompass is used to provide accurate direction by aligning itself with the Earth’s rotational axis.


  • Maintains a stable reference direction irrespective of the ship’s motion.
  • Supports accurate heading information for navigation systems.

Magnetic Compass

A magnetic compass uses the Earth’s magnetic field to determine direction but can be influenced by local magnetic anomalies.


  • Provide a reliable reference for determining direction at sea.

Function of Magnetic Compass:

  • Operates based on Earth’s magnetic field.
  • The needle aligns with magnetic north, establishing a heading.

The key difference lies in their operational principles, with gyrocompasses offering superior stability and accuracy, especially in dynamic maritime conditions, while magnetic compasses are simpler but susceptible to magnetic interference.

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