How does it operate? [Video Lesson]

2 stroke IC (Internal combustion) engines are mainly used for marine propulsion and power generation purpose. The working of the marine engine can be explained by the following procedure:

– The fuel is injected at a controlled amount at high pressure

– A mixture of fuel and air is compressed inside the engine cylinder with the help of a piston, which results in the explosion of the mixture when pressurized due to compression. As a result, heat is released which increases the pressure of the burning gas

– The sudden increase in the pressure pushes the piston downwards and transmits the transverse motion into the rotary motion of the crankshaft using connecting rod arrangement.

– The explosion is repeated continuously for maintaining the power output depending upon the type of marine engine and its usage.

– The crankshaft is connected via a flywheel, either to the alternator or to a propeller arrangement for doing the mechanical work.

– To obtain continuous rotation of the crankshaft the explosion has to be repeated continuously.

– Before the next explosion, the used gases are drawn out from the cylinder through an exhaust valve, and fresh air is supplied, which helps to push the used gas and also to provide fresh air for the next combustion process.


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