Important Checks

  • Keep the incinerator chamber inlet outlet and burner parts clean. A daily inspection must be carried out before the start in the morning
  • Do not throttle the air/steam needle valve more than 3⁄4 turn closed. If the pressure increases above the defined limit, clean the sludge burner nozzle
  • Do not turn off the main power before the chamber temperature is down below 170°C. Keep the fan running to cool down the chamber
  • If experiencing any problem with a high temperature in the combustion chamber, flue gas or control of sludge dosing, replace the dosing pump stator
  • Do not transfer sludge to the service tank during sludge burning in a single-tank system as it can damage the refractory
  • It is always recommended to heat the sludge overnight, without starting the circulating pump. Drain off the free water and start the sludge program before performing the incinerator operation
  • Never load glass, lithium batteries or large quantities of spray cans in the incinerator. Avoid loading large amounts of oily rags or filter cartridges as all these may damage the flue gas fan
  • Inspect the cooling jacket every six months (open the cover plates) and clean as required with steam or hot water
  • Read the instruction manual, and never change any settings unless instructed by the makers

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