Indications of Approaching TRS

The signs and symptoms Of TRS/cyclone are as follows:

  1. Heavy and long swell from Cyclone centre. Swell can be experienced as much as a thousand miles away. Swell is usually the first indication of the storm centre, hence an approaching TRS.
  2. Pressure will be very much lower than the normal. When barometric pressure falls below 5 MB than normal, along with other TRS
    confirmation factors, the approach of TRS is confirmed.
  3. Cirrus clouds in bands or filaments aligned towards the direction of the storm centre.
  4. At sunset, cloud colour will be dark red or copper.
  5. Clouds will be dense and heavy with threatening appearances.
  6. Frequent lighting will be experienced.
  7. Availability of storm warnings from the local authority.  Weather reports based on satellite pictures and. observations from other vessels may contain storm warnings which give the position and pressure of the storm centre and also the probable direction of movement of the storm.
  8. The occurrence of squalls, which are increasing in frequency and intensity.
  9. The possibility of rain with violent torrential character.
  10. Sea waves are becoming heavy and dangerous.
  11. The shift of wind direction, in accordance with the rotation of winds of cyclonic spin.

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