Intrinsic Safety Checks

Ex safe equipment refers to equipment that is designed and certified to operate in hazardous areas, where explosive atmospheres are likely to occur.


Here are some basic steps to check various Ex safe equipment:

  1. Inspection of Equipment
  • Before starting any inspection, ensure that the equipment is de-energized and locked out.
  • Visually inspect the equipment for any signs of damage, corrosion, or wear.
  • Check that all covers and seals are in place and undamaged.
  1. Check the Electrical Connections
  • Check that all electrical connections are tight and secure.
  • Verify that the cable glands are correctly installed and provide the correct degree of protection.
  • Look for signs of overheating or arcing, such as burn marks or discolouration.
  1. Check the Earthing
  • Ensure that the equipment is correctly earthed.
  • Check that all earthing conductors are in good condition and securely connected.
  • Verify that the earth resistance is within acceptable limits.
  1. Check the Enclosure
  • Verify that the enclosure of the equipment is suitable for the hazardous area classification.
  • Ensure that the enclosure is free of holes, cracks, or other damage that could allow the ingress of flammable substances.
  • Check that the equipment is adequately protected against the effects of corrosion and weather.
  1. Check the Marking and Certification
  • Verify that the equipment has the correct marking and certification for the hazardous area classification.
  • Check that the marking is legible and clearly visible.
  • Verify that the certification is valid and has not expired.
  1. Check the Operation
  • Verify that the equipment operates correctly and does not create sparks or other ignition sources.
  • Check that any alarms or warning systems are functioning correctly.
  • Verify that any interlocks or safety systems are functioning correctly.

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