Major Maintenance

Different steering gear types have different maintenance requirements and depend on the self-inspection maintenance report of the equipment.

Ram-type steering gear

1 year:
  • Steering gear PMS log files
  • Check the condition of hydraulic hoses
  • Check the condition of the ram
5 year:
  • Change of actuator seals and bearings
  • Renewal of hydraulic oil
  • Filter replacement
  • Complete overhauling of hydraulic pumps
  • Cleaning of cooler (if provided ) and replacement of anodes
10 year:
  • Service of distribution valve
  • Renewal of flexible couplings for hydraulic pumps
  • Replacement of vibration dampers
  • Replacement of frequency converters
  • Renewal of rubber hoses
  • Replace or major overhaul electric motors
Rotary vane-type steering gear

The typical planned maintenance for a rotary vane-type arrangement would be:

5 Year

  • Removal of rotary vane cover for inspection
  • Replacement of internal seals
  • Replacement of internal and upper gland seals
  • Renewal of hydraulic oil
  • Power pack filter replacement
  • Pump shaft seals and flexible couplings
  • Checking and calibration of the control system and rudder positioning


  • All the items normally carried out during a 5-year maintenance
  • Liners
  • Thrust Bearings
  • O ring for the hydraulic nut
  • Pressure valves
  • Seal kit for the valves

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