Operation [Video Lesson]

How the anchor windlass operates is through the following steps given below:

  • The electric motor turns a winch that rotates the winch drum.
  • The dog clutch is first engaged and then activated using the winch.
  • The clutch begins to crank the chain wheel in a specified direction, and at a specified speed.
  • The gypsy is used to contain and control the anchor chain during the entire operation.
  • The chain is lowered through the hawsepipe until a desired rode length has been achieved.
  • A pawl bar or Devil’s Claw is used to restrain the anchor rode in place.
  • To release the pawl bar, the chain wheel relieves it of any tension from the rode by being put in reverse.
  • The chain can then be lifted by simply reversing the direction of the winch drum.
  • Safety Precautions and Conditions

Video Lesson:

Maintaining safety is essential while working with heavy machinery such as the anchor windlass. To obtain a factor of safety in the operation of the anchor windlass, the windlass must be able to completely raise or lower the anchor head at any speed within its given operating rpm range. In addition, the maximum torque applied on the chain wheel or anchor drum at any time must always lie safely within the operating ranges, and not at an extreme value. In addition, the location of the windlass must always lie within safe operating environments. For instance, if a windlass or the chain locker is located within the deck inside the chamber, there must be proper provisions to ventilate the rode.

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