Operation [Video Lesson]

• A Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) powers the fin tilting and rigging motions. Built into the HPU is a high-power electric motor driving a variable delivery piston pump with a tandem vane pump for control pressure. A second vane pump for fin rigging and pump replenishment is driven from the other end of the main motor


• A variable delivery piston pump controls fin tilting. The flow rate of this pump is controlled by a rotary valve that is positioned by the Stroke Control Unit


• The SCU consists of a servo motor and gears with an integral resolver, mounted within a rectangular cast box. The LCU contains circuitry to provide microprocessor-based control of the SCU, and hence the direction and rate of flow from the pump. The fin’s rotational velocity is proportional to the pump flow rate


• Fin rigging is controlled by solenoid-actuated valves. The HPU also provides the means for stowage of the fin under emergency power. A second electric motor (of lower power) is connected to a constant delivery gear pump. This pump is connected to an auxiliary set of solenoid-controlled valves that can be used to tilt the fin to zero angles and rig it in


• The operation can be controlled by a bridge or ECR. A selector switch located on the MCU control panel allows the MCU to become the active control station if the BCP or communication to the BCP becomes defective


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