The air lubrication system comprises of following components:


The blower unit is an important component as it provides air to the entire system which is supplied to the air release unit fitted below the hull. The capacity of the compressor unit depends on the dimension of the hull. The compressor usually operates between 6 bar and 9 bar pressure


Piping: The piping connects the blower/ compressor unit to the Air release unit. The outlet from the blower is connected via pipes that supply high-pressure air to the air release unit.


Air release unit: Air release units are fitted on the hull at different places to create the air bubble layer for lubrication purposes. This unit comprises air injectors that inject the air inside the water at high pressure to create bubbles. They can be arranged in different alignments to cover the entire hull area with air bubbles.


Control system: The control system unit is provided on the bridge which operates the compressor and injectors remotely. Air lubrication ship hull

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