Pulse turbocharging

The two methods of turbocharging are:

  • Pulse turbocharging
  • Constant pressure turbocharging

Pulse turbocharging:

Pulse turbocharging is a type of turbocharging that utilizes a unique system of pulse waves to increase the efficiency of the turbocharger.

In the pulse turbocharging system, exhaust pipes are grouped and connected to the turbine.

The grouping is done according to the exhaust valve timing so that the exhaust from one cylinder does not enter the other cylinders.

The kinetic energy of the exhaust gases during the blowdown is utilized for running the turbine.

Pulse Turbocharger


  • Highly responsive
  • Good turbocharger acceleration
  • Good low-load performance
  • Better scavenging
  • Auxiliary blower not required, while running at low load


  • Poor turbine efficiency at high ratings
  • Turbine operation rough and inefficient
  • Complex exhaust piping

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