Batteries on ships can be used for energy storage for hybrid marine power (HMP) & electrical propulsion systems, emergency backup power or as part of a renewable energy solution. Batteries are also used to start motors for lifeboats, and rescue boats & to start emergency generators.


Batteries are one of the energy sources available on board vessels which are used in case of blackout and emergency situations on board a ship. These batteries apparently used for low voltage dc systems like bridge navigational instruments, emergency lighting, GMDSS, etc. and thus are kept charged to be used in case of emergency or need for temporary power.


When the battery operation in a circuit is active, it provides current and voltage and is itself discharging. It will continue to supply the current to the equipment depending upon its capacity, which is measured in ampere-hours.


Hence, the arrangement is made available on board the ship to charge the bank of batteries again after use. Moreover, the arrangement should be such that the batteries can be fully charged on a timely basis as they gradually lose charge over a period.


Battery Checks on ship


The batteries can be charged with the help of the dc power supply; however, presently there are no ships working on the dc supply system and thus it is required to change the ac power into dc to charge the batteries.

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