Responsibility after reaching shore

The primary duty of the ship’s master is to guarantee the safety and welfare of both the crew and passengers. Once they reach the shore, the master must ensure that any injured or sick crew members receive immediate medical attention and make arrangements for transportation and accommodation, if necessary.

Additionally, the master must report the incident to the relevant authorities and furnish them with all the essential information and documents, including the ship’s logbook and other records.

The master needs to inform the ship’s last noted position and if the vessel was carrying cargo or hazardous materials. As per the information of the master, the relevant authorities will take preventive measures to avoid or minimize any environmental harm.

The master may also have legal and financial responsibilities, such as cooperating with any investigations and insurance claims, and ensuring that the crew members are paid their wages and repatriated as required by law.

In summary, the master’s ultimate responsibility is to take all necessary measures to guarantee the safety and well-being of everyone on board while complying with legal and financial obligations.

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