Risk associated with boiler

Boiler Explosion: Many cases of boiler explosions in the past have shown how dangerous marine boilers can be if not operated professionally. Accidents happen when the fuel system within the boiler is mishandled, or when the steam pressure inside the boiler drum is not regulated.


Boiler Fire/ Meltdown: The boiler fire is another type of accident that can destroy all the tubes inside the boiler and lead to an explosion or spreading of fire within the ship. 


Scalding: Scalding is a type of burn caused by high-temperature steam. Steam burn is one of the most common accidents seafarers experience on board. It is said that 8 out of 10 seamen, who work with the steam system, have experienced scalding (major or minor) in their careers at least once.


Hot Surface: The boiler and the associated pipes, valves, and auxiliaries have a very hot surface as they carry steam to different parts of the ship. Direct skin contact with any of the exposed surfaces will lead to severe burns.


Other Risks: Other risks such as high-pressurized parts, handling harmful chemicals, moving machinery, etc. are also associated with operating marine boilers.

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