Safety Devices

  1. Quick closing valves: They are fitted on mixing, settling and service tank to cut the fuel supply in case of an engine room fire. They are remotely operated valves with the operating lever situated outside the engine room.
  2. Relief valves: Relief valves are fitted on pumps and heaters to avoid bursting or leakage due to overpressure in the system
  3. High-temperature lagging: Most of the pipes carrying the fuel oil are wrapped with high-temperature resistance lagging and heat-resistive paints to avoid scalding and loss of heat energy from the system.
  4. Save all trey: All pumps, filters, and heaters are provided with save all trey which can restrict the oil spillage in case of leakages.
  5. Pressure alarm: Alarms are fitted in the system to indicate the low and high pressure of fuel oil in the system
  6. Temperature alarm: Alarms are fitted in the system to indicate the low and high temperature of fuel oil in the system
  7. Emergency remote stops: All the pumps which are fitted in the fuel supply system including the booster, supply, and circulating pumps are provided with an emergency remote shutdown switch usually in the ECR.
  8. Double-skinned high-pressure pipes: These special doubles-skinned jacketed pipes are fitted between the fuel injection pump and injector as per SOLAS requirements for fire safety in the engine room. These are made of low-carbon steel alloys and operate at high pressure of~ 600 and 900 bar.

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