SART requirements on Board (Video Lesson)

SART Requirements on-board Ships:


In addition to the above,

  1. SARTs should be placed in brackets on both sides of the ship, visible from the navigation bridge. They should be easy to bring to the lifeboats or liferafts.
  2. An alternate location for a radar transponder is a bracket in each survival craft if such location permits rapid replacement of the SARTs into any survival crafts that may be used in emergencies.
  3. The SART should be provided with a pole or other arrangement compatible with the antenna pocket in the survival craft to fulfill the required height of at least 1m above sea level.
  4. On ships carrying at least two radar transponders and equipped with free-fall lifeboats, one of the radar transponders should be stowed in a free-fall lifeboat, and the other located near the navigation bridge so it can be utilized on board and ready for transfer to any of the other survival craft.
  5. The SARTs should have waterproof markings with operational instructions, battery expiry date, and the ship’s name and call sign.


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