Securing After Stopping

  • After Bridge has given Finish with Engines, switch the engine control to the engine control room
  • Check that the auxiliary blowers switch off automatically at Finish with engines(FEW) if they are in AUTO mode or else switch them off manually
  • Close the starting air valve of the main engine and vent control air system. A good practice is to lock the main starting valve in its lowest position by means of the locking plate
  • Close the valve for starting the air distribution system
  • Engage the turning gear and check the indicator lamp
  • After stopping the engine, wait a minimum of 15 minutes before stopping the main engine LO pump if work is to be undertaken in the crankcase. This prevents overheating of cooled surfaces in the combustion chambers and counteracts the formation of carbon deposits in the piston crowns
  • Keep the engine preheated to a minimum of 50°C or according to the main engine manual requirement
  • If the engine was operating on HFO, do not stop the FO circulating and supply pumps. If the engine was operating on MDO, both the FO circulating and supply pumps may be stopped
  • Switch off any equipment which is not required during the engine standstill period

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