Shell-type heat exchanger


  • Less expensive than Plate type HE
  • Can be used in systems with higher temperatures and pressures
  • Pressure drop across a tube sheet is less
  • Tube leaks are easy to locate and plug by pressure testing
  • Tubular coolers in the refrigeration system can act as receivers also.
  • Sacrificial anodes can protect the whole cooling system against corrosion
  • Tubular HE is preferred for lubricating oil cooling because of the pressure differential
  • Can be made in any size, large or small
  • Less complicated in design, thereby making maintenance easier for the ship’s crew


  • Heat transfer efficiency is lower compared to plate-type cooler
  • Cleaning and maintenance are sometimes difficult since a tube HE requires enough space at one end to remove the tube nest
  • The capacity of tube HE cannot be increased, once made.
  • Requires more space in comparison to plate HE for the same capacity

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