Solas Requirement

  • The emergency switchboard And emergency generator should be located above the uppermost continuous deck.
  • The main switchboard or any machinery space will not interface with the supply, control and distribution of emergency electrical power.
  • The emergency switchboard should be in the same space where the emergency generator is located.
  • Driven by a suitable prime mover with an independent supply of fuel, having a flash point of not less than 43degreeC.
  • Generated power should be capable of supplying all those services that are essential for safety in an emergency.
  • Emergency generators are capable of giving power for up to periods of 18hrs for cargo ships and 36hrs for passenger ships
  • The emergency generator should be easily startable at zero degrees and if the temp is below this heating arrangement should be provided
  • The emergency generator must have an automatic starting system
            Primary (battery)
                    – Should be charged fully at all times
                    -Dedicated only to starting the prime mover
                    -Capable of providing 3 consecutive starts
    Secondary(pneumatic or hydrolic )
                    – Capable of providing 3 consecutive starts within 30 mins
  • The emergency generator should come on load automatically within 45s after the failure of the main power supply
  • Emergency generators give full rated power, when the ship is upright and when inclined at any angle of list up to 22.5degree or inclined 10 degrees either aft or fwd.
  • If the Emergency generator fails to come on load, then an indication to be given in the ECR

Important requirements for the prime mover of the emergency generator are:

  • The emergency electrical power-providing generator shall be driven by a suitable prime mover having independent auxiliary systems, which may consist of fuel, ventilation, lubrication, cooling etc.
  • The fuel used in the emergency generator prime mover must have a flash point of > 43° C
  • The prime mover of the emergency generator shall be started automatically once the main source of the electrical power supply fails
  • If the emergency generator does not start or does not take the load from the emergency switchboard connections, an indication shall be given in the engine room or at a manned control station

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