Special Areas

The most recent amendment for MAPOL annexe IV was enforced in January 2013, wherein, the Baltic sea area has been adopted as the first special area for sewage discharge regulation.


This regulation targets passenger ships, which are the major cause of sewage-related pollution at sea and in coastal water bodies. This regulation bans the discharge of untreated sewage out at sea in the Baltic area region.


The untreated “raw” sewage produced on the ship can either be treated in an STP before discharge or the collected sewage can be transferred to the shore facility.


The sewage treatment plant installed on a passenger ship, intending to discharge sewage effluent in Special Areas, should additionally meet the nitrogen and phosphorus removal standards when tested for its Certificate of Type Approval by the Administration.
The discharge requirements for Special Areas in regulation 11.3 of MARPOL Annex IV for the Baltic Sea Special Area shall take effect: 1. On 1st June 2019, for new passenger ships i.e.
Building contract placed on or after 1st June 2019 or delivered after 1st June 2021 2.  On 1st June 2021, for existing passenger ships other than those specified in point 3 3. 
Two-year extension period for existing passenger ships i.e. from 1st June 2023, which are en route directly to or from a port located outside the special area and to or from a port located east of longitude 28˚10′ E within the special area that does not make any other port calls within the special area (direct passages between St. Petersburg area and the North Sea)

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