Standard motor starter

It is provided in 3 phase motor to take care of the single phasing condition. Overload heaters are provided in all the phases which detect any overload in the phase, and if the load goes far above spec for the motor, the heaters trip the starter off before the motor winding is damaged.


The thermal overload relay is used to trip the contactor when the overload heaters detect an overload condition.


When the motor starter is turned on, the contactor closes, and power is supplied to the motor. The overload heaters monitor the current drawn by the motor. If the current exceeds the rated value for the motor, the overload heaters will cause the thermal overload relay to trip, which will open the contactor and stop power to the motor.


The overload heaters are selected based on the motor’s full load current rating. The thermal overload relay is set to trip at a current slightly higher than the motor’s full load current rating to allow for starting current.


It is important to select the correct overload heaters and set the thermal overload relay correctly to protect the motor from damage caused by overload conditions. It is also important to periodically check and adjust the overload settings as the motor ages and its load changes.

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