Steam Side Safety

The steam system in the boiler is a high-pressure, high-temperature area. To safeguard the operator and the boiler itself, it is fitted with the following safety features:

Pressure Gauge:

  • Multiple gauges ensure the operator monitors current boiler pressure.
  • Integrated with automation for burner control based on set pressure values.

Safety Valve:

  • As mandated by SOLAS, every boiler should have at least 2 safety valves.
  • Administration may permit a single safety valve if adequate overpressure protection is ensured.


Easing Gear:

  • Attached to each safety valve for emergency lifting.
  • Consists of a pulley and wire arrangement accessible from the lower platform.

Steam Pressure Alarm and Cutout:

  • Audio-visual alarm reminds the operator of steam pressure.
  • Independent cutout activates to shut off the fuel burner if pressure rises or decreases, with high-pressure cutout irreversible.

Boiler Vent:

  • Essential vent prevents boiler implosion; opened when the pressure drops below 0.5 bars.

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