Sump Tank and Pump [Video Lesson]

Main Engine Lube Oil Sump Tank

It is located under the engine in the double bottom and is surrounded by cofferdams. A sounding pipe to know the level of lube oil in the sump is provided, along with a sounding pipe for the cofferdam to know if there is any leakage. The cofferdam needs to be inspected on a regular basis to know any signs of leakages.


The main engine Lube oil sump consists of a level gauge, sounding pipe, air vent pipe, heating steam coil, manholes, suction pipe, and valves for the LO pump and LO purifiers.


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Main Engine Lubricating Oil Pump

The lube oil system of the main engine consists of two screw pumps i.e. in duplicate so that one pump is operational while the other is on standby. In the event of a failure of one pump, the other can be operated to avoid any stalling of operation. The main LO pump is used to deliver lubricating oil to various parts of the main engine.


The pump inlet is connected to the engine sump and the outlet is connected to the filter and cooler after which it goes to the engine distribution manifold.


The oil is then distributed to various parts such as i.e bearings, guides, under piston space, hydraulic power supply unit, etc. Nowadays the lube oil pump for the main engine is motor-driven with a non-return valve in the discharge line.

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