Types & Advantages


There are two widely used anti-heeling systems onboard ships:

1. Pneumatic system: This system comprises of air purging arrangement and regulating valve system to force the air on the top of the ballast tank. The air is forced on one tank and purged from the other, making the water rapidly flow from the pressurized to the purged tank. This transfer of water is used to upright the vessel in a quick time.

2. Water pump system: The pump system consists of an electric motor-driven water pump, which can be a reversible or nonreversible pump, connected with remote-controlled valves that can direct ballast water flow between the tanks.


Advantages of Anti-Heeling System

  • Allows safer and more rapid cargo loading and unloading.
  • Shortens harbor time and saves port dues.
  • Reduces damage to the ramp, rolling cargo, and containers.
  • Ensures the safety of the ship and personnel.

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