Normal ship operation produces different types of waste such as waste rags, sludge oil, waste oil, waste paper, etc. All these wastes are not permitted to be discharged or dumped at sea.


The other option that remains with the crew is to collect all the waste and dispose of it to shore authority. However, it has two major issues:

  • Storage and housekeeping: The ship crew need to store all the different kind of waste till the port arrives and they can dispose of it. If the Voyage is long, it will be difficult to store the waste safely as the ship has a limited amount of storage in the form of tanks and dedicated garbage areas. This means if there is any additional garbage generation this may become a storage risk for the crew.
  • Payment against the disposal of waste: All the shore garbage collection services charge money from the ship owner to collect the garbage and take responsibility to dispose of it. This becomes an overhead cost on the ship operation and for ship owners.


To solve this purpose, a Marine Incinerator is to provide the ship which is an environmentally friendly approach to disposing of solid and/or sludge waste generated on board.  

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