Water Side Safety

The water system is a high-temperature system and the level and quality of the water inside the water drum play a crucial role in the safe operation of the boiler. Following are the equipment/system fitted on the waterside of the marine boiler:

Low/High Water Level Alarm:

    • Continuous monitoring of the water level in the drum.
    • Alerts the operator for early action to manage water levels effectively.

water Level float switch

Too Low Water Level Alarm and Shutdown:

    • Secondary safety to detect major leaks causing rapid water level reduction.
    • Automatically shut down the burner to prevent overheating and damage.

Water Level Indicators (Gauge Glass):

    • Multiple indicators facilitate easy observation of water drum level.
    • Ensures operational safety by providing a clear view of water levels

Boiler water level gauge glass

Salinity Sensor:

    • Monitors dissolved solids content, especially salt.
    • Trips the boiler if the set salinity value is exceeded, preventing damage to tubes and internal surfaces.Marine Boiler TDS sensor

Video Lesson – Float type Level Sensor Working


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